Treatment and Consultation for Children & Adolescents

1. Please download the form called "C&A History Questionnaire" in the forms section. Print it out and fill it out as thoroughly as possible.

2. Obtaining information from previous providers and communication with teachers and/or therapists is an important part of your child's evaluation. Please print a consent form for each provider that needs to be contacted (include the teacher's consent form and one for each of the current and past providers).

3. Your child's teacher/counselor spends a significant amount of time with him/her and can provide valuable information on his/her performance and difficulties, please bring to school the teacher's packet. Keep in mind this may take a few days to be filled out and returned to you. Consider authorizing them to fax/mail the forms directly to the office.

4. Review the practice and privacy policies. If you are not aware of the fee schedule please call the office and provide a fax number so we can send you one. Dr. Laje does not take any insurances, accepted forms of payment include cash, checks and credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard).

5. Fax or mail the forms at least 3 business days prior to your appointment. If for some reason you don't feel the forms will get to the office before the consultation bring them in on the day of your appointment. (fax number and mailing address are printed on the forms).

6. If you are having difficulties with the forms please contact the office at 301-576-6044 and we will mail you all the forms needed.